PhD Position "Structural Investigations on Disease-Relevant Amyloid Fibrils"

The department „biomolecular solid-state-NMR-Spectroscopy“ of the ICS-6 structural Biochemistry at Forschungszentrum Jülich offers a PhD fellowship for structural characterization of disease-relevant amyloid fibrils by solid-state NMR-spectroscopy.

We investigate misfolded and intrinsically disordered proteins by solid state NMR-spectroscopy (see, for example Gremer et al. Science 2017, 358,116ff). 

Center of this PhD project is the structural characterization of amyloid fibrils and oligomers of the peptide Aβ(1-42), which plays an important role in the etiology of Alzheimer's disease, by solid-state NMR-spectroscopy. In particular, the interaction with compounds which are protential drug candidates for inhibition of fibril formation as well as the influence of different physicochemical parameters on fibril formation is of interest. Further, the role of different disease- relevant mutations and postttranslational modifications should be investigated.

Our institute for complex systems at Forschungszentrum Jülich offers an excellent interdisciplinary research environment in the field of molecular Biochemistry with a strong focus on structural Biology.  The biomolecular NMR center of the Heinrich-heine-Universität is equipped with several state-od-the-art solid-state NMR spectrometers operating at 600 and 800 MHz. Two NMR-spectrometers (600 and 800 MHz) have the possibility for DNP-enhancement.

The ideal candidate should hold a Master's degree in (Bio)Physics, (Bio)Chemistry or Biology. Interest in physical and biological questions as well as the ability to work independently are mandatory.

Basic knowledge in NMR-Spectroscopy and/or EPR-Spectroscopy is advantageous.

Die PhD degree will be awarded by Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, financial support for three years is guaranteed.

 Please send your application to

Prof. Dr. Henrike Heise

Email: h.heise(at)

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